Older Child Adoption

If you’ve been parenting, but you’re facing the difficult decision of whether or not to place your child for adoption, even if they’re an older child, we can help.

Choosing what’s best for your child is never easy. Deciding to relinquish your role as your child’s parent as well as your legal rights is incredibly hard, but if you feel that it’s what’s best for your child, we can help you to achieve this.

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The following information can offer you some general information about older child adoption in MD, DC and VA, and how we can legally represent you and your child in this process:

How to Put an Older Child Up for Adoption in VA, MD, or D.C.

Although “giving up” a child for adoption is a commonly-used term, this type of phrase places blame on parents who make the loving choice of adoption for their children. It’s important to know that you’re not “giving up” on your child, or “giving up” on being a good parent. When you make the difficult choice of adoption for your child because you feel that you can’t provide the type of life that you want for him or her, you’re selflessly giving them a world of opportunity and love.

There are several different types of adoption that you can choose from if you’re considering “giving up” an older child for adoption in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia, all of which we can complete.

  • Kinship or Relative Adoption: where a relative you trust adopts your child and becomes their legal parent.
  • Independent Adoption: where we help you find adoptive parents who are willing to adopt an older baby or toddler.
  • Private Agency Adoption: where we connect you with an adoption agency that can help you find an adoptive family who wants to adopt an older child.

Depending on the age of your child, state adoption laws and other individual circumstances, the type of adoptions that are most accessible to you will vary. For example, not all private adoption agencies are able to place children over a certain age, although we may be able to help you locate older child adoption agencies.

When you contact us online, you can discuss your situation with us and we can advise you about which older child adoption method is best for you.

The Unique Challenges of Placing an Older Child for Adoption

Placing a child for adoption is one of the hardest decisions that a parent can make. If you’ve been parenting your child, this can make that decision even more challenging. Some of the more difficult aspects of giving up older child for adoption in MD, VA, or DC include:

  • Difficulty for parents to adjust to a non-parental role in their child’s life.
  • Children having a difficult time adjusting after they’ve been raised in one home and moved to another.
  • Difficulty finding adoptive parents who are willing to pursue an older toddler adoption.

If you’re unsure about giving a toddler up for adoption or complete an older child adoption, there are several alternatives to putting your older child up for adoption permanently:

  • Temporary guardianship: where a close friend or family member takes temporary custody of your child while you work to improve your current situation and resume parenting your child.
  • Ask for help: research state benefit programs that can help you with your child’s needs, or reach out to local community services through churches or outreach programs that can help with childcare.
  • Take a break: ask a friend or family member to babysit for a day or two, or contact your state social services department about respite care options so that you can take some time to think about the situation clearly and decide if an older child adoption is right for you and your child.

It’s important to think carefully about all your older child adoption options before you make your decision. Jennifer and Catelyn are here to inform you about all your options and rights, so you know what’s legally available in your situation as well as how you can safely choose adoption for an older child.

You Can Still Choose Adoption for Your Child

If you’ve decided that giving your kid up for adoption is right for you and your child, we can help. While there will be some key differences between placing an infant for adoption and the process of how to put an older child for adoption in Virginia, Maryland, and DC, there are some important similarities, including:

  • You’ll still be able to choose the adoptive parents for your child.
  • You’ll still be able to stay in touch with your child and their parents after the adoption through an open adoption relationship.
  • We will still ensure that you and your child’s rights are fully protected throughout the adoption process.

Remember that it’s never too late to choose adoption. Whether you’re considering adoption for your baby at the hospital, you’ve taken your baby home, or you’re considering placing a toddler or older child for adoption — adoption is still an option if you feel that’s what’s best for your child.

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