Do Mothers Get Paid for Adoption?

The cost of pregnancy and childbirth can be high, and the cost of raising a child to adulthood was recently estimated at about $233,610. A lack of financial resources is often one of the reasons why women consider adoption in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Financial struggles have led some pregnant women to worry, “Does it cost to give a child for adoption? How much is it to put a baby up for adoption in my state?” But you should know that it’s 100 percent free to place a child for adoption in MD, VA and DC.

If you’ve been fighting to financially support yourself and your family, you may have also asked, “Do you get paid for putting a baby up for adoption?” Please note that it’s illegal to receive payment of any kind in exchange for placing a child for adoption. There are no attorneys or adoption agencies that pay you to place a child for adoption in DC, Virginia, Maryland, or anywhere else in the United States.

But, if your financial situation is a concern for you during your pregnancy, Jennifer and Catelyn may be able to help you receive birth mother living expenses if your circumstances allow it. Contact us now online to find out if you may qualify for financial assistance while you create an adoption plan for your baby.

The following information will help you answer the question: “Do mothers get paid for adoption?”

How We Can Help You Maximize Adoption Financial Assistance in VA, MD and DC

If you’re unexpectedly pregnant, having to worry about money can put you under additional stress. We work to help expectant mothers receive as much financial assistance for putting baby up for adoption as possible while they’re going through the adoption process, so that you’ll have one less thing on your mind.

If your circumstances allow, we can help you find financial assistance for everyday costs like:

  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • And more

Additionally, all of our legal services are offered completely free of charge to you. We can also connect you with an adoption agency that can provide you with free adoption services like:

  • Helping you sign up for free medical care throughout your pregnancy and delivery
  • Access to free counseling and support services before, during and after the adoption; whenever you need them
  • Help finding the perfect adoptive parents for your baby
  • General case management and adoption planning services
  • And more


While you’re sorting through the process of finding adoptive parents for your child, we can help handle whatever adoption- and pregnancy-associated costs that are allowed by law so that you can focus on doing what’s best for you and your baby.

How to Get Paid for Adoption Costs in Washington D.C, Virginia and Maryland

Pregnancy and childbirth are expensive even if you’re medically insured, and maintaining a consistent work schedule can be difficult as your pregnancy progresses. When you choose to place your baby for adoption in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C., you may be eligible to receive some form of “payment” for birth mothers in the form of living expenses. These can help offset the costs of your pregnancy and adoption.

The court will review any financial assistance for adoption that you request in order to deem it as reasonable and necessary. We will represent you in this process to help protect you and your rights.

The amount of adoption financial assistance that you can receive will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The birth parent living expense laws and limits set by the state law that applies to your adoption plan
  • Your current income
  • Your current living situation
  • If you have any dependents that you’re financially responsible for
  • And more

We’re here to help you navigate these laws so that you’re able to receive the maximum amount of adoption compensation for birth mother expenses that is available in your situation. Learn more about what birth parent living expenses are permitted in your state:

Birth Parent Living Expense Laws in Maryland: “Do You Get Money for Putting a Baby Up for Adoption in MD?”

In Maryland, a prospective birth mother must obtain a doctor’s note stating that she’s unable to work or support herself for medical reasons related to the pregnancy in order to receive birth parent living expenses to help with things like food, clothing or shelter. It’s still free to place a child for adoption, and you’ll still be able to receive free adoption services like counseling, legal and health care through an adoption professional.

Birth Parent Living Expense Laws in Virginia: “Do You Get Paid for Putting a Baby Up for Adoption in VA?”

Similar to Maryland, in Virginia, a prospective birth mother must obtain a doctor’s note stating that she’s unable to work or support herself for medical reasons related to the pregnancy in order to receive birth parent living expenses.  In addition to typical birth parent living expenses, like medical care and legal fees for the birth mother, the cost of mental health counseling services is permitted to be paid for both birth parents in the state of Virginia. Birth parents can also get “paid” for adoption transportation to any of the services provided and receive reimbursement for expenses incurred as the result of any adoption-related court appearances, like food, lodging and transportation.

Birth Parent Living Expense Laws in Washington D.C.: “Do I Get Money for Giving My Baby for Adoption in D.C.?”

Most typical birth parent living expenses are permitted in the District of Columbia to be paid by adoptive parents only through licensed adoption agencies.  Legal, medical and counseling can be paid in a private adoption.

While the laws in your state will determine how much living expenses you can receive, and what type, choosing an adoptive family in another state could make you eligible to receive living expenses in accordance with the adoptive family’s state laws rather than your own. This could mean more living expenses to help support you during your pregnancy, depending on which state’s living expense laws are more beneficial to you. Contact us now to learn more about this option, and how she can help you maximize the amount of living expenses that you can receive.

Call Us If You Need Adoption Financial Assistance During Your Pregnancy

So if you’ve ever asked, “Is it free to put a child up for adoption in DC, VA or MD?” Then the answer is: yes. You may also qualify to receive some amount of birth parent living expenses to help you through your pregnancy.

Contact us online to discuss your financial needs for your adoption.

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