Adoption in Baltimore [The Complete Guide]

The 6 Steps of the Baltimore Adoption Process

Having a smooth, successful and positive Baltimore adoption journey comes down to finding the right resources to help guide you through it all. We’ll be here as your first resource, whether you’re planning on adopting a child or you need to place your baby for adoption in Baltimore.

Here’s what you need to know about adoption in Baltimore and the 6 steps to completing the Baltimore adoption process:

Step 1: Choose adoption.

It may sound simple, but it rarely is — adoption is often a difficult choice for both the prospective birth and adoptive parents. No matter what you decide (or if you’re still deciding) we’ll be here to support you and provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed choice that you feel is best for you.

Step 2: Choose the adoption type and professional.

Adoptive parents will need to consider what type of Baltimore adoption they wish to pursue, whether that’s:

We’re able to help you with all of these types of adoption in Baltimore, and we can also talk you through all of these options so that you can choose the path that's right for you and your family.

Regardless of whether you’re pregnant and considering adoption for your baby or if you’re hoping to adopt a child, you’ll need to choose the professional to guide you through the Baltimore adoption process. No matter what type of adoption in Baltimore you choose, you’ll always need an experienced and licensed Baltimore adoption attorney to complete the legal process.

Jennifer and Catelyn will be here to make sure that your Baltimore adoption is completed correctly, legally and ethically, and to ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable, confident and fully supported. Contact us now if you’re ready to move forward with your adoption in Baltimore, MD.

Step 3: Create your adoption plan.

At this stage, prospective birth and adoptive parents will consider what they want their adoption to look like and must ask themselves questions like:

  • What types of situations am I open to accepting, as a hopeful adoptive parent?
  • As a prospective birth parent, how much do I want to stay in touch with my child and the adoptive family after the adoption?
  • As a pregnant woman choosing adoption, what type of adoptive parents do I want my child to have?

We’ll be able to walk you through all of these choices and more throughout your Baltimore adoption journey. Together, we’ll create an adoption plan that you feel comfortable with, and which centers on the happiness and well-being of the child. Contact us now to establish your Baltimore adoption plan.

Step 4: Find an adoption opportunity.

Prospective birth and adoptive parents can connect in several ways:

  • Adoptive parents who are pursuing international or public agency (foster care) adoption will receive a referral from their primary professional about a child who is already waiting for adoption.
  • In an independent domestic adoption (without an agency) the pregnant woman and hopeful parents would need to find one another on their own.
  • In a private domestic agency adoption, pregnant women considering adoption can choose from the profiles of waiting adoptive families, and then the agency will help guide the match.

No matter how you choose to find an adoption opportunity, we’ll be here to help you through the Baltimore adoption process and offer you our expert guidance.

Step 5: Complete placement.

This step must be completed under Maryland adoption laws — that's where we come in. Placement can be emotional and complex for everyone involved, but we're here to walk you through all the necessary legal steps so that you can focus on what's important.

Step 6: Complete finalization and begin post-adoption life.

Finalization is the last legal step of adoption in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ll guide you through this and ensure that everything has been done correctly. Once finalization is complete, the child is officially a permanent and legal member of his or her (adoptive) family, but, Baltimore adoptions don’t truly end here. Depending on the level of openness in each adoption, the birth and adoptive families may choose to stay in touch and remain a part of each other’s lives in a meaningful way. Adoption is an incredible, lifelong journey.


Why You Need a Baltimore Adoption Attorney

The process of placing a child for adoption in Baltimore, or of adopting a child in Baltimore, is not one you should ever attempt without an experienced adoption attorney. Having an attorney who specifically practices adoption law in your area is the best way to legally, emotionally and financially protect yourself, the other party and the child at the heart of it all. It’s also very important that prospective birth parents and adoptive parents are individually represented by separate Baltimore adoption lawyers — this is the only way to guarantee that everyone involved is fairly and equally advocated for.

Adoption attorneys in Baltimore are adept at navigating local laws regarding interstate placements, parental rights, birth parent living expenses and much more. You will not be able to complete an adoption in Baltimore, Maryland, without someone like Catelyn or Jennifer. To begin your Baltimore adoption process, schedule a consultation now.

“I believe in working with each of my clients—in support of their family dynamic—to make the dreams of parenthood a reality. Whether you are single or married; or gay; a step-parent, a surrogate or intended parent or a child of adoption, it is my mission to serve as your advocate. With a dedication to the ethical and sensitive nature of each situation, I will help you understand the laws within Maryland or Washington, DC for adoption or surrogacy, and pledge to be your partner throughout the journey.” - Jennifer Fairfax