Surrogacy in Rockville [The Complete Guide]

The 7 Steps of the Rockville Surrogacy Process

If you’re thinking about starting the process of surrogacy in Rockville, Maryland, it’s easy to feel unsure of where to start. But with the help of this guide, prospective intended parents and surrogates can find the answers to their questions. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll be here every step of the way, serving as your legal guide to Rockville surrogacy.

Here’s what you need to know about the Rockville surrogacy process, and the 7 steps you can expect to go through as an intended parent or gestational carrier:

Step 1: Choose surrogacy.

It might sound like the easiest step, but deciding whether or not surrogacy is right for you can be one of the hardest steps. No matter what you ultimately decide is right for you, we’ll be there to provide you with all the information and legal guidance you need, whether you’re an intended parent or a surrogate.

Step 2: Choose the type of surrogacy and your professional.

Choosing the type of Rockville surrogacy and professional that’s right for you will depend on your unique circumstances and comfort level. There are several different paths your journey can take, including:

  • Gestational vs. Traditional: Traditional surrogates use their own eggs in the process, gestational surrogates do not. The vast majority of surrogacy professionals today only complete gestational surrogacies due to the increased legal and emotional risks of traditional surrogacy.
  • Compensated vs. Altruistic: Whether or not the surrogate receives base compensation in addition to reimbursement for the surrogacy-related medical and legal expenses. Not all states permit compensated surrogacy.
  • Domestic vs. International: The intended parents and surrogate either both reside in the U.S., or the two parties are in different countries. Not all surrogacy professionals will complete international surrogacies.
  • Agency vs. Independent: Surrogacy agencies screen your match, coordinate the process and provide support services from start to finish. In independent surrogacy, you’d handle all of this on your own.

No matter which type of surrogacy you choose, you’ll always need the expertise of an experienced Rockville surrogacy attorney, like Catelyn and Jennifer. To learn more about how to start the Rockville surrogacy process, contact us now to get more information.

Step 3: Complete the screening processes.

How will you know if a surrogate or intended parent is emotionally, financially and physically ready for the Rockville surrogacy process before you match with them? With an in-depth screening process.

Depending on your situation, this step can consist of:

  • An in-home assessment
  • Background checks
  • A medical and psychological evaluation
  • And more

Step 4: Find a match.

Finding the perfect match is one of the most exciting and important steps in the Rockville surrogacy process. Depending on where you are in your journey, you might already have a match set up for your Rockville surrogacy, in which case all you likely need to do is to reach out to Jennifer or Catelyn, plus a second attorney who is experienced in assisted reproductive law. If you don’t already have a match, there are two ways you can find a Rockville surrogate or intended parent for your journey:

You can search for, screen and manage a match on your own, without the guidance of an agency or matching program. Or, you can partner with a surrogacy agency that will screen potential matches and then support you both throughout the entirety of the journey. Regardless of which of the two paths you choose, you’ll still need to reach out to Jennifer or Catelyn to complete the necessary legal steps.

After getting to know each other, and if both parties decide to move forward, an official match will be solidified through your legal surrogacy contract.

Step 5: Create your contract.

Once both parties are ready to proceed, it will be time to start drafting the legal contract. Both the intended parents and the surrogate will each have their own respective Rockville surrogacy attorneys. If you need a referral to a secondary surrogacy attorney in Rockville, we’ll be happy to connect you to legal experts we trust. Once both attorneys have had a chance to review and approve the terms, and everyone agrees to the contract, everything can be signed and executed. Then, you’ll finally move onto the exciting part; the embryo transfer.

Step 6: Complete the medical process.

Once the contract has been formally established and signed, it’s time to begin the medical process for your surrogacy in Rockville. If the intended parents don’t already have frozen embryos that they’ll be using, either the intended mother or the egg donor will be given medication to help develop eggs before the retrieval process. Once that’s done, the egg will then be fertilized at the laboratory to create an embryo, which will then be transferred to the surrogate.

After the pregnancy has been confirmed and a heartbeat is heard, the surrogate will typically start receiving base compensation in addition to prenatal care throughout the pregnancy. Again, all of these important details, from compensation to medical decisions, will have been carefully and specifically addressed in the contract that we help you to create.

Step 7: Welcome the baby.

After the hard work of everyone involved throughout the Rockville surrogacy process, the big day is finally here! The birth of the baby is an exciting moment for everyone involved, whether you’re an intended parent or a surrogate.

Once the baby is born and the surrogate is ready to be discharged, everyone can start heading home. If you’re like many families, you might decide to continue your relationship after the hospital stay.


We’ll guide you all through the last legal steps that must be completed so that you can focus on enjoying the experience. 

Why You Need a Rockville Surrogacy Attorney

Working with a surrogacy attorney, no matter what state you live in, is a non-negotiable part of the process, even if you choose not to work with an agency. Having an attorney who specifically practices assisted productive law in Rockville is the best way to make sure everyone involved has their rights represented and protected. It’s also the best way to make sure that your Rockville surrogacy process is completed legally and safely.

With the help of someone like Catelyn or Jennifer, you can be sure that your Rockville surrogacy is completed safely, legally and ethically. To learn more about the Rockville surrogacy process from an attorney, please schedule a consultation to get more information.

“I believe in working with each of my clients—in support of their family dynamic—to make the dreams of parenthood a reality. Whether you are single or married; or gay; a step-parent, a surrogate or intended parent or a child of adoption, it is my mission to serve as your advocate. With a dedication to the ethical and sensitive nature of each situation, I will help you understand the laws within Maryland or Washington, DC for adoption or surrogacy, and pledge to be your partner throughout the journey.” - Jennifer Fairfax