Assisted Reproduction Technology Costs

The legal, contractual and other fees and costs associated with assisted reproductive technology vary depending on many factors including the number of times a woman has been a surrogate, health insurance coverage, location of intended parents and/or gestational carrier or donor, number of fetuses carried, number of transfers and other factors.  This page outlines the average costs or ranges of costs for various aspects an intended parent using assisted reproductive technology might incur but is not a list of services provided by this firm.  This is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list and is provided as general information only. 

  • Match Fee (the fee charged by an attorney or an agency to match a Gestational Surrogate with Intended parents):  $17,00-$25,000 
  • Psychological Screening:  $2500- $4,000
  • Legal Contract Prepare and Negotiate Gestational Surrogate Contract: $2500- $5000
  • Legal Fees for Gestational Carrier and Husband for Contract Review: $1600 - $2000
  • Criminal Background Check, Gestational Surrogate and Husband:  $75- $150 each
  • Court Filing Fees: $150 - $250
  • Gestational Carrier Fee ( paid over the course of pregnancy):  $30,000 - $45,000
  • Maternity Clothing Allowance:  $750-$1000
  • Multiples Fee (per additional Fetus):  $2,500 - $7,000
  • Atypical Procedures During Pregnancy and Delivery (per procedure):   $500-$1,500 (per procedure)
  • Hysterectomy : $1,000 - $4,500
  • Doctor-Ordered Bed Rest –  Housekeeping, Child Care, Lost Wages:  Varies
  • Additional Transfer Cycles:   $500 - $1000 (per transfer)
  • Fee to Escrow Agent (who will hold and distribute surrogate fee): $500 - $1000
  • Travel Expenses and Costs for out-of-town Gestational SurrogatesActual Travel Costs Varies
  • Gestational Surrogate's Husband –  Travel Costs to Screening Appointment and Transfer Procedure:  Varies
  • Gestational Surrogate's Husband - Lost Wages for Screening Appointment:  Legal Appointment and Transfer Procedure: Actual


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