Adoption in Virginia Beach [The Complete Guide]

The 6 Steps of the Virginia Beach Adoption Process

Whether you hope to adopt a child or you need to learn how to place a baby for adoption in Virginia Beach, the first step you always do is to gather information and resources. This guide will help you do that, and get you moving toward your Virginia Beach adoption. If you have additional questions, or if you’re ready to get started, you can contact us now to schedule your consultation.

Below, you’ll find the 6 steps of the Virginia Beach adoption process and some tips to help you in your journey:

Step 1: Choose adoption.

Choosing to move forward with the process of adoption in Virginia Beach is easy for some hopeful parents and pregnant women, but for others, it can be a difficult decision. If we can help by answering questions or providing additional information about Virginia Beach adoptions, you can always reach out to us. Whatever you decide, we’ll be there to help.

Step 2: Choose the adoption type and professional.

The path that your journey will take will largely depend on the type of adoption you pursue. Adoptive parents must now choose between:

We can work with you to complete all of these types of adoption in Virginia Beach and more. Not sure which path is best for you? We can walk you through the differences between each option, so you can make a fully-informed choice.

Based on the type of adoption they wish to pursue, adoptive parents may choose a corresponding professional to help them through that process. Pregnant women who are placing a baby for adoption in Virginia Beach may also select a professional to help them get the support they need and to find an adoptive family.

We can’t overemphasize how important it is for you to work with a licensed and experienced Virginia Beach adoption attorney like Catelyn or Jennifer. No matter the type of adoption or whether you’re a prospective birth or adoptive parent, you must always work with an adoption attorney in Virginia Beach to ensure that the process is completed correctly and meets all legal requirements.

Step 3: Create your adoption plan.

Now, prospective birth and adoptive parents must consider what they want in their adoption. For example, the adoptive parents will need to decide what kinds of adoption opportunities they would be open to accepting; while prospective birth mothers will consider the type of adoptive parents they want for their child, how much openness they desire and more.

We're here to support you as you establish a Virginia Beach adoption plan that feels right to you, and help you to carry out that plan with your preferences in mind.

Step 4: Find an adoption opportunity.

There are several ways in which potential birth and adoptive parents can find one another:

  • When pursuing an international or public agency (foster care) adoption, the adoptive family will be notified by their agency regarding a child who is already waiting to be adopted.
  • In independent domestic adoptions in Virginia Beach (without an agency), pregnant women and hopeful parents are responsible for finding one another on their own.
  • In private domestic agency adoptions, pregnant women can view profiles of waiting adoptive families to choose the parents they feel are right, and then the agency will guide and support the match.

Regardless of how you find your Virginia Beach adoption opportunity, we’ll be there to guide you through the legal process of adoption in Virginia Beach, and ensure that you remain protected and supported throughout the entirety of your journey.

Step 5: Complete placement.

Each state has its own set of laws regarding adoption — Virginia is no different. We'll ensure that placement is completed in accordance with Virginia's adoption laws and that everyone's rights are being protected in this emotional and life-changing moment.

Step 6: Complete finalization and begin post-adoption life.

Finalization marks the final legal step of your adoption in Virginia Beach, but for those who choose to have an open adoption, the journey doesn’t truly end here. Today, most birth and adoptive families choose to stay in touch and maintain meaningful relationships.

Finalization is the last check to verify that everything in your Virginia Beach adoption process has been completed correctly and in accordance with all laws and requirements. We'll be there to guarantee this.

Why You Need a Virginia Beach Adoption Attorney

Some things in life are too important to try to handle on your own. Adopting or placing a child for adoption in Virginia Beach is one of those important things. You must have the help of an experienced Virginia Beach adoption lawyer to help you navigate the legal complexities of adoption.

Remember: Prospective birth and adoptive parents will need separate lawyers to be fairly represented. Having a trusted adoption lawyer in Virginia Beach is the best way to legally, emotionally and financially protect everyone involved, but most of all, the child at the heart of the adoption. It’s our responsibility and our honor to guide birth and adoptive parents through the local Virginia Beach adoption laws, parental rights, birth parent living expenses, interstate placements and more. You’ll need someone like Catelyn or Jennifer to complete your Virginia Beach adoption process — schedule your consultation now.

“I believe in working with each of my clients—in support of their family dynamic—to make the dreams of parenthood a reality. Whether you are single or married; or gay; a step-parent, a surrogate or intended parent or a child of adoption, it is my mission to serve as your advocate. With a dedication to the ethical and sensitive nature of each situation, I will help you understand the laws within Maryland or Washington, DC for adoption or surrogacy, and pledge to be your partner throughout the journey.” - Jennifer Fairfax