Adoption in Rockville [The Complete Guide for Adoptive Parents]

The 6 Steps of the Rockville Adoption Process

Connecting with the necessary resources and guidance through the Rockville adoption process is the #1 way for anyone considering adoption in Rockville to ensure a smooth and positive experience. We’re proud to be the guide for so many pregnant women and hopeful adoptive parents. Whether you’re interested in adopting a child or you need to place a baby for adoption in Rockville, we’ll be here to help.

To help you get started, let’s walk through the 6 steps of a Rockville adoption:

Step 1: Choose adoption.

Deciding to pursue adoption in Rockville, whether you’re pregnant and placing your baby for adoption or if you’re thinking about adopting a child, is rarely an easy decision to make. It’s a decision that only you can make.  But we’ll be here if you have any questions, need support or if you want some additional information.

Step 2: Choose the adoption type and professional.

If you’re ready to move forward with your decision to pursue adoption in Rockville, here are your next steps:

Adoptive parents will need to decide which type of adoption they're interested in, whether that's:

Then, based on that choice, they’ll need to choose the type of Rockville adoption professional they want to help them complete the process. Expectant parents who are planning to place a baby for adoption will also need to choose an adoption professional.

Regardless of the professional or the type of adoption in Rockville, we can help prospective birth and adoptive parents complete the necessary legal steps. Contact us now to schedule your consultation, and to find out how we can assist with your adoption in Rockville, Maryland.

Step 3: Create your adoption plan.

At this point in the Rockville adoption process, prospective birth and adoptive parents are asked to envision what their ideal adoption situation looks like. You’ll want to consider:

  • What types of adoption opportunities you’d be open to, as a hopeful adoptive parent
  • The kind of adoptive parents you picture for your child, as a prospective birth parent
  • How you want to find an adoption opportunity.
  • How much openness you hope to have in your adoption.
  • And more

Catelyn and Jennifer will be able to talk you through all the options of adoption in Rockville and help you create an adoption plan that you feel comfortable with. If you’re ready to establish your Rockville adoption plan, schedule a consultation now.

Step 4: Find an adoption opportunity.

There are several different ways in which prospective birth and adoptive parents can find and connect:

  • If the adoptive family is pursuing an international or public agency (foster care) adoption, then they will be referred to a waiting child by their agency.
  • If pursuing an independent domestic adoption (without an agency), hopeful parents and pregnant women will need to find one another on their own.
  • If pursuing a private domestic agency adoption, the pregnant woman considering adoption can choose her child's future parents from profiles of waiting adoptive families. The agency will continue to guide and support the match.

No matter how you find your Rockville adoption opportunity, we’ll be able to help you complete the required legal steps and to be a source of expert guidance.

Step 5: Complete placement.

The Rockville adoption placement process must be completed in accordance with Maryland adoption laws, but we’ll be ready to walk you through this emotional step. For many, this is the most important moment in the Rockville adoption process. However, there is one more step that must be completed.

Step 6: Complete finalization and begin post-adoption life.

The finalization of adoption in Rockville means that the child is a legal and permanent member of his or her (adoptive) family. Although this is the final legal step, adoption is an ongoing process for many birth and adoptive families, especially those who choose to stay in touch and remain an important part of each other's lives through open adoption.


Why You Need a Rockville Adoption Attorney

There are many different paths your adoption journey can take, but one thing remains constant — you’ll need a licensed and experienced Rockville adoption attorney. No matter what type of adoption, no matter what additional adoption professionals you choose to work with, and regardless of whether you’re a prospective birth or a hopeful adoptive parent, you must partner with a Rockville adoption lawyer who can help you complete the required legal processes.

Every state has its own set of laws regarding adoption, and every adoption situation is going to be unique. This means you need legal representation that can navigate the specifics of your circumstances, and ensure the protection of the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and most of all, the adoptee. Catelyn and Jennifer are proud to be that protection and representation for so many people throughout the state of Maryland. Schedule your consultation now to find out how we can help complete your adoption in Rockville, Maryland.

“I believe in working with each of my clients—in support of their family dynamic—to make the dreams of parenthood a reality. Whether you are single or married; or gay; a step-parent, a surrogate or intended parent or a child of adoption, it is my mission to serve as your advocate. With a dedication to the ethical and sensitive nature of each situation, I will help you understand the laws within Maryland or Washington, DC for adoption or surrogacy, and pledge to be your partner throughout the journey.” - Jennifer Fairfax